For lunch today - citibank

citibank + social media = #FAIL

twitter says that citibank has lied to the press and their customers regarding their security breach. This is an example of how a company should NOT use social media. Because the SoDOMM (acronym credit to @tomforemski) (pronounced - "sodom" as in Sodom and Gomorrah) may come back and bite them in the arse, if someone bothers to look and follow up on the social distribution of mass media.

Sean Kevelighan, a spokesman for Citi's North America Consumer Banking division lied to the press and Citibank customers in a statement sent out via email saying, "... Citi is contacting customers who were affected and is putting in procedures to prevent it happening again." = LIE.

There are various reports on the number of customers affected, 200K to 1.5 million, regardless of that. twitter reckons not ONE person in the WORLD has tweeted, "#citibank just called and told me my account affected by #hack :("

Not one customer reporting that citibank has contacted them!

The first tweet regarding the breach was from @jnsuryaprakash ( from his iPhone pointing to written by Abhishek Takle in Bangalore at Wed Jun 8, 2011 11:37pm EDT, reporting that it was first reported by the Financial Times ( by Suzanne Kapner in New York at June 9 2011 00:44 EDT?? Reuters reporting on FT articles not even published yet, goodness.

Logging onto Citibank online banking says....

"Please contact our customer service department immediately to avoid an interruption of your next credit card transaction.

A new card has been sent to you and should arrive in the mail within 2 weeks. Upon arrival, follow the instructions on the security sticker to confirm receipt and to activate your card for immediate use."

But that is probably just due to a card expiry.... Anyway that was my lunch for today.