This was going to be an update to my A Problem with IP v6 blog post

... but..

Updated Mon Apr 11 18:45:31 UTC 2011

And it is still a problem.

I got my first IPv6 /64 assigned to me today (thanks

2a01:7b8:2000:ed::/64 is now IPv6 :)


Not sure what to do with eighteen quintillion, four hundred fourty-six quadrillion, seven hundred fourty-four trillion,

seventy-four billion, seven hundred nine million, five hundred fifty-one thousand, six hundred sixteen addresses though...

And the problem... = 404

So not even RIPE have there IPv6 shit sorted yet... :( However we can speak to, so sweet. - what a service! They really do stand out among EC2,, and like.

[root@nms1 feature146]# # are brilliant
[root@nms1 feature146]# date
Mon Apr 11 18:52:00 UTC 2011
[root@nms1 feature146]# uptime
18:52:02 up 548 days, 6:00, 1 user, load average: 0.05, 0.06, 0.00
[root@nms1 feature146]#

And that is a £10 VPS!!!

In the world of Amazon EC2 and they really down stand out, differently, but good. Anyway, EC2, AppLogic, DNS Europe,, c4l and Telia... all for another blog post.

Are you IP v6 aware?

Days left till the exhaustive of IP v4 addresses....